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Will a dog bite its owner

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One of the most interesting questions I came across recently is “will a dog bite its owner?” Well! The question is not totally strange but it sounds like what many would want to understand. So, I decide to carry out a research to better understand the information and help you with this unique post.

Dog bite is not uncommon in houses where dogs reside. Hospitals in the United States receive a significant number of patients with dog bite each year and it was discovered that few are their owners and household. But why would a dog bite its owners or caregiver?It happen due to several reasons, but getting to understand the reasons for this behavior would help prevent such in your household.

Will a dog bite its owner? Reasons why it may

Understanding why dogs may bit their owners is important to dog owners. It’snot a big deal but it happens and you shouldn’t take it too personal. That’s why we have compiled some reasons why such may happen. Read on…

Excitement or impatience during play.

Sometimes, our dogs access our hand while playing with it or calming it. In such instances, a bite may occur due to excitement or impatience. A bite may also occur when you are being chased by your dog within the compound or in the neighborhood. The bitemay happen out of extreme anxiety and joy of playing with its owner. It is also understood that herding breeds and other dogs with higher prey drive are also likely to bite or nip due to natural instinct.

Even humans hurt others when carried away, so it’s no big deal if your dog bite you when playing with it. Nonetheless, this doesn’t happen all the time, it’s a rare occurrence.

Bite out of fear or aggression

Dogs are known to bite out of aggression, but such is common with strangers, passersby, or trespassers. No dog want to be trespassed or intimidated by strangers, so they may bite such person after several bark. However, the case with owner is a little different. Your dog may bite you when you trespass it or relate with it in a harsh manner or try to scold it too much. Aggressive bites are known to be painful than normal bites that occur during play. They are most likely to be tense or nervous, expose their teeth, curl back their lips, or wrinkle their muzzle when such aggressive bite happens.

Don’t worry much when your dog bite you out of aggression, get first aid and visit a hospital to be treated properly. After that, work with your dog to get things in shape. You can always change them for better.

Lack of socialization

Your dog may never understand the difference between a tender nip and a hard bite if they don’t spend sufficient time with their mother and litter before adoption. Their mothers are known to teach them the difference between playful nipping and painful bites at young age. Their littermates also help to instill such discipline. The lessons start when their mother growl when they receive a hard bite from the puppies, their littermates are also likely to yelp at such incidence.

Dogs that lack this training or adopted early before mothers warning are likely to bite owners before receiving further training. However, you can always help them to be better as they live in your residence.

Provocation by owner

Some crazy owners are likely to provoke their dog just to get satisfaction from it. If they persist, the dog is likely to revenge with a bite. Though it may sound crazy, but it happens.

Unusual or unfamiliar dressing

Sometimes, humans put on new attires or fashion that changes their look or scent. An example is the human hair and eye lashes, which changes the look of a person. A dog that is yet to familiarize itself with the owner may feel that a stranger is trying to trespass and hurt such person with a bark.

It may sound weird but it happens. So, It is good to familiarize with your dog and let it understand that you’re the same person putting on a new look.


Nobody wants to be bitten by his/her dog, but it happens once in a while. So you have to understand the reasons why this can happen and take prevent measures. That’s what we have learned. You have to give your dog the right training right from its arrival in your house to adulthood. Make sure the dog understands that you are a friend and not an enemy. Let it understand that you are not to be bitten by it. The trespassers are its target and it should learn to keep calm when around you.

It takes a few months to instill the right training after adoption, so don’t give up on your dog early to avoid future damage.


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