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Why does my Pomeranian bark so much

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Inquisitiveness about a topic leads to questioning different sources for the right answer. Who ask is likely to get the desired answer, especially when he/she ask the right source. Dog owners who are inquisitive and want to know more about their dogs are always searching for answers on the internet. Recently, a dog owner asked, “Why does my Pomeranian bark so much.” So, we decided to carry out a deep research to give proper answer to the question.

Pomeranian like many other breeds bark for several reasons, which includes and not limited to fear, territorial instinct, boredom, anxiety, and excitement. So, it’s important to read till the end and study your dog to understand why it bark so much.

Pomeranians were breed from German spits, which is well-known to be an incredible guard dog. So they have the instinct to protect their territory and scare off infiltrators. As we all know that barking is one of the ways in which a dog communicates with other dogs, humans, other animals around, and the community at large, the Pomeranian barks to communicate with its environment. But, why do they bark so much. Well! The reason why it bark at one time may differ from another. So, we’ll discusssome of the reason below.

Reasons why a Pomeranian may bark so much

As mentioned above, Pomeranians bark so much due to several reason like territorial behavior, communicate for help, greeting, excitement, fear, and more. This reasons will be looked into as you read on.

Pomeranian barking much due to fear

Fear is a mental state that relates to unpleasant emotion caused by threat of harm, danger, or pain. It is a state in which your dog is afraid or freighted by the unknown or unpleasant threat in the surrounding. This may be caused by intimidating sounds, threatening behavior of people in the surrounding, exposure to strange objects, intimidating looks of passersby or visitors, and more.

In such times, your dog may continue to bark until the threat has been waded off completely or understood. Nobody likes to live in fear, so your Pomeranians may back tirelessly when in such state.

Barking to safe guard their territory

Territory is important to all dogs and the Pomeranian is not left out. They don’t want other dogs or animals to trespass them or take over what belongs to them. They may be irritated when other dogs or animals try to near them with unfamiliar stains. So, they tend to bark continuously when such dogs and animals approach. Sometimes, they bark to protect their territory from humans trying to intrude or touch what is meant for them. They don’t want a stranger to come closer and trespass or invade them, they bark as you approach to protect themselves and give you a warning to stay off.

Barking to get attention


Your Pomeranian may back so much if it requires your attention, many a times, for treats and care. No dog wants to be left in hunger or without other necessities. In times of need, your Pomeranian may back so much until you meet it demand. You have no option than to give it than what it needs to keep the area calm in such times. Like human, dehydration is bad for them, so they may back to get water supply from you.

Another reason why your Pomeranian may back so much is to notify you of strange passersby or visitors approaching. New or intimidating visitors may be barked at the most, so stay attentive and do what is required of you.


One of the ways dogs console themselves when bored is through barking. They bark continuously and enjoy it to be at peace with themselves. Just like humans, nobody likes to live in boredom. You may want to visit a friend or do crazy things to stay of boredom. For dogs, they back.

The science may not be understood by you until you have studied your dog yourself. They are intelligent dogs that don’t like to stay bored for long. So, you should play with them or provide equipment to keep them busy to stay off boredom. Else, they will bark or become lazy.

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Your Pomeranian don’t just bark, there is always a reason behind it. Some of these reasons have been discussed on this page and we hope it will be useful to you. So, it’s worthy to understand your dog and know the necessary step to take when you hear such sound. If the sound is incessant after providing their need, it is advisable to train them to bark less. Most of the training are similar to that of other dogs, so you can employ it to train your Pomeranian or visit a veterinarian for help.


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