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Why do dogs bark excessively

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Barking is one of the most notable features of dogs. Over the centuries, humans have lived with dogs and have become accustomed to the yappy behavior of dogs.

Barking is the way dogs react to different situations that happen to them, which may be shock, fear, anxiety, and frustration.

Sometimes, they yarp to deter evil or notify the community of security breaches.

They bark excessively when such fear, anxiety, shock, or security breaches persist and continue to torment them.

Reasons for excessive barking

Some of the problems that cause dogs to yap excessively have been identified and will be discussed on this page.

Continue reading to get the full details.

Excessive yapping in dogs is due to loneliness, boredom, and frustration.

Sometimes, dogs yap excessively when they are lonely, bored, or highly frustrated.

Such action may continue for several minutes in addition to digging up the garden and running helter-skelter.

In such a situation, it is important to take the necessary steps to keep them calm.

Excessive yappy due to fear.

Dogs yap excessively when trying to express fear or warn of real or potential threats.

They may be fearful of humans, other dogs, animals approaching, or specific sounds like thunderstorms, lawnmowers, fireworks, and more.

It is advisable to exercise caution as a human when your dog is in such a situation.

Excessive yappy due to territorial behavior.

Dogs may understand when a strange person is nearby and may want to protect themselves or give notice to the resident.

So, excessive barking may be their way of reacting and warning the residents of potential threats.

Your dog may see passersby or visitors as intruders and may continue to bark for as long as is required for you to understand.

So, make sure you take the necessary action when such notice is given.

Excessive yappy caused by separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is one of the prevalent symptoms of excessive barking, which may lead to destructive behaviors like inappropriate defecation, urination, and self-harm (e.g., licking or chewing themselves until they are wounded).

Separation anxiety is a mental health problem in dogs that requires rapid veterinary treatment.

It’s not easy for them to live alone when they have such an illness, so the owner has to be considerate and provide a partner for them.

Another solution is to visit a veterinary doctor for treatment of such a disorder.

Excessive yappy for play.

It may surprise you, but some dogs yap excessively to enjoy themselves among others or when near their owners.

This may be a sign of happiness or other reasons best known to them, but it is not the opposite of joy.

These barks occasionally go along with a ‘play bow’ when dogs bow their front legs and wag their tails.

Excessive yappy as a response to other dogs yappy

Your dog is likely to yap continuously when other dogs in the neighborhood are yappy.

This may be their way of greeting other dogs by barking or to show support for others.

Many times, they don’t need to see the other dogs to respond to the barking; it’s just a natural thing.

They usually understand why the others are barking, which may not be understood by humans.

So, do not bother yourself much about the reason why they’re barking; just calm them and take precautionary measures to avoid problems.


Despite the information given above about the reasons why dogs yap excessively, it is important to seek the advice of a veterinarian to understand your pet’s condition and know why such behavior has persisted.

If you are the type that doesn’t like dogs that growl excessively or want your dog to yap less even when others in the neighborhood are barking excessively, I strongly advise you to go for a breed that is known to bark less or train your dog for such behavior.

After going through several posts from dog enthusiasts, I can say that excessive barking is a feature that is expressed when something is wrong.

They don’t just bark continuously; one of the reasons listed above or more must have triggered such action.

However, I advise you to study your dog and take note of the situation when it occurs to have a better understanding.


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