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Why Do Chihuahuas Bark So Much

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You may have landed on this page due to the wonder of why your Chihuahua sounds so much despite its small size. Perhaps, you just got one and don’t know much about the breed. Well! Chihuahua are cute little purse dogs, which can be moved around easily. Knowledge has it that they are aggressive and overprotective at the same time and bark than other breed of similar stature. They bark for the least reason you can imagine. This barking behavior is deep-rooted in their character but can be corrected by training after several weeks. You need to understand why your Chihuahua is barking to correct this problem early in their lifetime with you.

Are they barking because of hunger and trying to get your to feed them? Barking to protect the household from infiltrators? Or do they just enjoy barking when bored? Well! All that are reason why they may bark but you need to continue reading to learn more.

Why Chihuahua bark so much? Reason

There are numerous reason why these energetic small size creature may bark so much. The reason below will provide few answers to your question, which may help you understand why that creature in your resident is currently barking and how to control the situation. Keep reading…

Chihuahuas have strong territorial instincts

Like other dogs, Chihuahua love to protect their space from strangers. Their size don’t mean they are a weak creature that can’t defend their territory against invasion. Barking and growling are some of the techniques employed by them to defend their space. They also bark when somebody or other animals around touches what belongs to them. Their belonging may include and not limited to the bowl used for eating, yard, bed, and any area they occupy. They bark to send you out of their territory and ensure you do not trespass their peace.

Barking when bored

Nobody likes to be bored, same applies to this lovely creature. Chihuahua bark when bored to enjoy themselves. It’s not easy to have so much energy with nothing to do. So, they bark loud continuously and wouldn’t stop until they have reached a level of satisfaction. This may happen frequently unless your Chihuahua releases its energy through other means like exercise and strolling around with you.

When excited to see a person

They bark when they see a person loved by them, especially, their owners and caregivers. For example, your Chihuahua may bark like craze, along with lots of tail-wagging when you approach the door after the day work. It may be extremely excited to see you that it won’t be able to handle its emotion. Perhaps, that’s because of the treats and other care expected from you. So, they may be clingy when you walk through the door. Some affection from you will usually reassure them of your love and care, which will help to calm down and stop barking.


They are known to be overprotective of their environment and wouldn’t let any danger come in sight. They do this by barking continuously when any danger is perceived. They have an extremely sensitive ears, which help them to sense and hear things from several meters away. So, they sound the alarm when they hear or sense and danger from afar. A delivery person at your doorstep or friend at your door can make your Chihuahua bark to sound the alarm as if there’s an emergency. Their mission is to protect you and everything within from trespassers.

When in need

Chihuahua bark to sound the alarm for help from owner or caregiver. Many a times, the only way this creature call for help from its owner is to bark so much until the person has answered. They may be trying to communicate that they are hungry, thirsty, needs your attention, need outing, in pain, or just to get you to clean their dirt. Except when training to bark less, it’s worthy to reply their call the first time because they may be in danger.

When dreaming

Evidence from scientists have shown that dogs dreams too. So your Chihuahua may bark so much when enjoying sleep. It is believed that a Chihuahua may be dreaming when twitching severely and breathing faster than normal while asleep. They may bark, growl, or whimper while asleep, depending on the dream. Like humans, these dreams occurs during the rapid eye movement phase of sleep, which can start 20 minutes into the sleep mode.

You may be wondering what Chihuahua dream about while asleep, its usually related to their day time experience like running and chasing after others, or barking to propel danger. So, what make them bark while awake is likely to be the same reason why they bark while asleep.

When anxious

Anxiety is a bad disorder in both humans and animals. Dogs find it hard to keep quite when anxious, so they bark so much in such times. Separation anxiety occurs when they are home alone while you are at work or out of the house for other reasons. So they bark due to anxiety of what may happen. As we know that Chihuahua are needy dogs, the times you spend away from them causes upset and stress because nobody will be there to attend to their needs. They may also howl or destroy thing within their reach when home alone or anxious.

When having the best moment of their life

They may bark so much when having fun. Such bark is mostly to express the type of joy that has taken over them. In such times, you’ll see them bark while also wagging their tail for several minutes. The truth is, they are in love with whatever is happening at that moment and don’t care to express it. So, don’t be stressed or worried when you see such instance, your Chihuahua is perfectly okay. It’s just trying to live and stay happy. Stay watchful and observant.

When trying to get your attention

Barking and growling is also a way to get attention from people nearby or to communicate that the attention of their owner is needed. If your Chihuahua whimpers simultaneously with barking at you and scratches to reach your leg, it’s an obvious sign that your attention is greatly needed. It is worthy to give them the required attention when you’re less busy and end suchnoise. Many a times, the barking is for feeding and other needs that is at your disposal. Make sure you are bonding with your dog, teaching them what is required, and playing together to foster cooperation.


Chihuahua are small but can be aggressive like any other breed. They try to be as loud and fierce as they can to make sure they aren’t cheated by humans, other large breeds, and animals. In times of aggression, you will see a Chihuahua ready to attack, barking, growling while bearing their teeth. Be warned, they are not jokers, they may attack.

When afraid

Yes, untrained Chihuahua are likely to bark so much when in fear. They bark when scared and unsure of the noise, person, or object approaching or standing before them. Sometimes, things like fireworks, thunder, brooms, and other large dogs may be intimidating, which may lead them to bark excessively out of fear. The size of a Chihuahua puts it at disadvantage against many breeds and animals, which propel them to bark in order to protect themselves when in fear.

Unusual objects may also cause a Chihuahua to bark excessively, especially when such things are scary and unknown to them. Things like wheelchair, cranes, traffic cone, and other uncommon devices are on this list.

Solution to your Chihuahua’s excessive barking.

It is important to find a lasting solution to your Chihuahua excessive barking. However, before that, you have to understand why they are barking and ensure that you are not rewarding or encouraging such in any way. If your dog intention is to get released, or to be let out for a walk, the best thing to do is to never grant such request when they bark. Stay where you are until your Chihuahua is quite. That will help them to understand that barking won’t give them what they want. Then, release it when it’s calm if you want it to scroll around.

Nonetheless, it’s good to engage the service of a behavioral specialist or dog trainer to help you understand your Chihuahua’s reason for barking and how to correct such behavior.


Chihuahua are living creatures that need to be understood by their owners. It’s not easy to understand everything about them within a short while but you can get a lot of knowledge from articles like this on the internets. However, physical observation is required to get a better result out of the information you get here. The points listed above were generated out of physical observation and interaction, it may not give you all you want but I’m sure that it has provided the much needed answers to your query.

Now that you understand why they bark so much, I employ you to start training them if you don’t want them to back excessively. It’s a matter of time, they’ll adapt to the new system after training and bark less.


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