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What happens if a dog bites his owner

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What happens if a dog bites his owner?

It was estimated that about 15% of owners are bitten by their dogs yearly. This occurs due to the instinctual behavior in dogs to protect themselves from molesters, intimidation, fear, and more. It is strange to receive such bite from your dog. You may feel betrayed, hurt, angry, and guilty at the same time if the fault is yours. You may feel really depressed if it bite out of aggression and may start to think of selling it or giving up on rearing it.

Many a times, owners don’t feel the same way again towards their dog after an attack from it. The passion owners derive from keeping it in their surrounding is usually quenched by a bite.

It is important to employ the service of a veterinarian if you can’t phantom why your dog has bitten you. The veterinarian behaviorist will help to understand the situation and help with necessary measures to follow.

What really happens if a dog bites his owner? The steps to take when such occurrence happens will be discussed below.

Steps to take when bitten by your dog

Get safety immediately

The first thing to do when there’s a rift between you and your dog, which has led to a bite is to get treatment from a physician. If you have a first aid box at home, use the well-known means to treat yourself before going to the hospital for further treatment. It’s not easy to overcome such pain if it’s rigid, you really need to get a physician’s attention.

However, the first aid box may be enough to treat yourself if the bite is minimal and happened as a result of play or excitement.

Put your dog in its place

You have to stay away from your dog when it bite you, especially when such happen as a result of aggression. Your dog may mean more evil, so you have to create a border between you and it. This may include locking you dog in the bathroom, laundry room, or a place where it can’t access you until you’ve released it. Many a times, you lock your dog in such place to get the attention of a veterinary doctor or pet behaviorist.

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Call a veterinarian to assess your dog

The veterinarian will help to understand your dog and the reasons why such may have occurred and also help you with training or guidelines to help your dog do away with biting. Some of the questions a veterinarian may ask include and not limited to:

  • Where did it bite you?
  • How bad was the bite?
  • Was it multiple or one time bite?
  • Did it break your skin?
  • Where exactly did it happened? Was it in the house, on a walk, or out in the yard?
  • Who else was involved? Was another dog or humans present or involved?
  • What was really going on at the time of the occurrence?
  • Does your dog have a mental or medical illness that causes behavioral changes? Was it in pain?
  • Can you explain the sequence of events that led to the bite?
  • How did you escape? Did your run out, into another room or did it back away itself? Who intervened?

These questions will help to understand the reason for such bite and what is likely to happen in the future. You will understand what led to it and how to halt such from happening in the future. When a dog bites you because you touch it head, you should stay away from such in the future to avoid problem. If it bite you because of matching it tail while asleep, take caution and avoid that in the future.

Also, the question may help the veterinarian proffer better ways of relating with your dog, training for behaving properly and instilling discipline and calmness in it.


Dogs don’t really bite their owners but it happens sometimes. That’s why we have discussed why such incident may occur and the way forward when you experience it. Like many dog owners, you may never experience it throughout your lifetime. However, this article may be greatly useful if you or someone in your home ever experience it or similar occurrence. We advise you to be good to your dog and make sure you do not trespass it to the extent of it biting you. Make sure you give the right training to help it understand why not to bite you or your children. You should also teach your children not to trespass the dog. It has a life of its own and should be handled with care.

Whatever the case may be, I hope this post has helped you in one way or the other. Stay true to your pet. You should also visit our page often to learn more about dogs.


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