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Can you train a Chihuahua not to bark

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We all know that it’s almost impossible to stop a Chihuahua from barking.

Barking is one of the most notable features in dogs, which is expressed due to several reasons like hunger, anxiety, fear, excitement, and more.

Despite the small size of a Chihuahua, they still yap as loud as others with bigger body.

Chihuahua are well-known for being tough.

They are fond of challenging the authority of older dogs when around others, and the only way the older dog can put the Chihuahua in its place or position is to reply with growling or yappy.

Over time, the canine hierarchy takes place as the pups grow and learn to stay where it belongs.

It is taught that one of the ways to stop the Chihuahua from barking is to assume the role of alpha dog.

Chihuahua are extremely active small dogs that like to hear themselves yap or yap to stay out of boredom.

It is good to take your Chihuahua out for a stroll or give it an exercise to stay out of boredom and reduce yappy.

They are small dogs, which can be moved around easily; you can take them almost anywhere, even to malls and beaches.

The sight of the beach or mall will excite these special creatures and distract them from barking.

It’s not a hard thing to train this canine to refrain from barking; it’s a possible task that has been accomplished by many in the past and will be accomplished by more in the future.

How to train your Chihuahua not to bark

Chihuahuas are like many other dogs, which are trained to reduce the way they growl at strangers or at other times.

The following are some of the ways to train your Chihuahua to yap less.

Training your Chihuahua to stop barking at strangers and other dogs

Chihuahuas don’t just growl at other dogs; they growl as a result of guarding their territory, fear, and excitement.

So, it is important to understand the reason why your Chihuahua is yappy before proceeding to train them to yap less.

What to do when a Chihuahua is barking at strangers or other dogs out of fear.


It is normal for a Chihuahua to be yappy when they confront other dogs and strangers in their neighborhood.

As the training commence, make sure you’re not imploring your Chihuahua to interact or be in a position where it feels vulnerable.

You should hold your Chihuahua firmly and tell the owner of the other dog or stranger to stay few distance away from you.

Then, release your Chihuahua as it start to feel confident with that person or dog around and let it move closer and closer to that stranger or dog. (At this point, you can tell the stranger to drop some treats for your Chihuahua, but not to move closer, make eye contact, or try to pet).

This training will help to build confidence in your Chihuahua and let it relate with other dogs and strangers without barking.

This process sometimes takes few days, weeks, or months depending on how the fear of the person or other dog is.

Know that your Chihuahua will never bark at that person or dog again once the training has been inculcated.

If it ever barks out of fear of them again, it means you progressed too quickly and the training hasn’t been completed.

It is important to help your Chihuahua not to a have bad social experience during the period of training because a small lunge, growl, or bite from another dog will increase the fear instead of reducing it.

So, make sure the training goes smoothly and your Chihuahua has learned to accommodate strangers and other dogs.

It is better to own a Chihuahua that’s quite and feel safe with you than one that’s overtly social and noisy.

You can also train your Chihuahua to never bark at pedestrians walking outside your fence by sending someone to walk or run in front of your home with the gate or curtains open.

Just like the scenario discussed above, the person should start walking or running from distance away so it don’t propel your Chihuahua to yap immediately.

Feed your Chihuahua some treats and encourage him not to yap and stay quiet as the person approach.

Discontinue the feeding of treats when he starts to growl as person comes closer, and warn him to stay calm and quite. Don’t feed it till he is silent again.

What to do when your Chihuahua is barking at other dogs or strangers to guard his territory.

Territorial instinct is feature that all dogs possess.

They don’t want intruders taking over their territory or come closer.

That’s why you see your Chihuahua growl when strangers, especially those with intimidating looks approach your house.

What to do in this instance is to teach them that calmness is better.

Tell the Chihuahua to stop barking until the person reach your territory.

Teach it that a little bark is enough to send signal to the household.

Let it know that he’ll get his territory back as long as he remains good and calm.

Politeness is the key here.

What to do when your Chihuahua is barking at someone or other dogs out of excitement.

You need to regulate your Chihuahua’s interaction with visitors and other dogs around and make sure it doesn’t get excited by the persons and dogs visiting your home.

Let it play with toys, enjoy his food, and other fun available in your environment in order not to be carried away by interesting visitors.

Play a game of wrestle if it likes to wrestle with your hands.

Remember that every step you take is telling your dog if you like a certain behavior or not.

So, don’t encourage it to bark excitingly at strangers or with other dogs around.

Always let it understand that calmness is better. With time, it will understand your teaching and adapt to it.

Training your Chihuahua not to bark at night or when alone.

Chihuahuas are social animals, which easily get attach to their owners and dog-family members.

They become highly frustrated and stressed when detached from their dog-family and owners, which often leads to excessive barking and lunging.

As discussed in the section above, every action you take is telling your Chihuahua if you like or dislike a behavior, especially when training them to be better.

So, it is important not to grant the request of your Chihuahua by going to it when barking in its crate at night, going to it will strengthen the barking behavior and give it confidence to back at night.

Hence, stick to the training plan and follow the process discussed in two steps below to solve the problem.

The first most important step is to ensure that your Chihuahua has enough to keep him engaged when alone.

You can try new toys, enrichment, puzzle feeders, food toys (like Kongs, which can be stuffed and freeze with several yummy foods), chewies or bones, and more.

These incentives will help your Chihuahua to keep his mind off the fact that he is alone without his dog-family around him, hence you will experience little or no barking at all.

Make sure the items placed to interest him are rotated and continue to stay new and interesting to him.

Also, ensure that both food and toys don’t stay too long with him, as this may lead to boredom.

Your Chihuahua will never have to back if he’s always engaged.

The second procedure is never to go to your Chihuahua when he is barking, howling, or whining while he is alone (or when he is in his crate to rest at night), whatever the case maybe, do not go to him.

Giving him special attention (that is, letting him out or checking on him) will only make the barking increase because that was his desire (barking to get your attention).

So, wait till he is quiet, then go to help or give an incentive. That will inspire him to stay quite.


The question read “Can you train a Chihuahua not to bark?”

Well! That has been discussed and we can say “yes.”

Almost all breed of dogs not only Chihuahua can be trained not to bark if you follow some of the guidelines above and more not listed on this page.

Chihuahua may become quite than your imagination after several weeks or months of training, so don’t relent.


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